Best Federal Universities in Nigeria

Top 10 Federal Universities In Nigeria -
Nigeria has a lot of higher institutions, but the number of Federal Universities in Nigeria is only about 43.

From these 43 universities, we carefully handpicked only 10 which we think are the best.

We didn't pick arbitrarily but according to some sets of criteria. Criteria we used in picking the best Nigerian universities The higher institutions mentioned below consists of only the best Federal Universities in Nigeria. There are some other institutions better than the ones mentioned here but were not included because they are owned by private bodies.

Which Federal University Is The Best In Nigeria

Here are the top 10 Federal Universities in Nigeria according to the criteria we listed above.


The University of Benin is poularly known by it's acronym, Uniben

Uniben is one of the few Nigerian Universities to make it the top 3000 in university rank globally.

You might want to check out the Uniben Post Utme Result of this year to see how students performed. The University of Benin offers a variety of degree courses and certificates that are recognized globally.

It is also good to note that Uniben is quite selective in offering admission.

You really need to score high in jamb and post utme to be admitted here.

That shouldn't bother you though, just go through Myinstu guide on How to Pass Any Exam and you'll be good to go.

Also, ensure you practice for jamb and post utme with the practice past questions available. Click here to get started.

University of Benin

  • Acronym: Uniben
  • Motto: Knowledge and Character
  • Colours: Purple and Gold


The University of Lagos popularly known as Unilag is arguably one of the most popular universities in Nigeria.

Unilag is also a little bit over-populated. However, this doesn't stop it from securing a top spot in the list of Universities in Nigeria.

Unilag was founded in 1962, a few years after the Nigerian independence.

Due to the high number of applications it receives yearly, the percentage number of students offered admission as opposed to the number that applied is below 20%.

This doesn't deter students in any way. As a matter of fact, Unilag is one of the few Nigerian Universities with a high number of International students.

Unilag offers students a whole lot of educational and recreational facilities together with internationally recognized certificates, which explains why it has such a high number of applications yearly.

However, you can always be sure of securing a spot to study your desired course in Unilag if you practice past questions fervently.

University of Lagos

  • Acronym: Unilag
  • Motto: Indeed and in truth
  • Colours: Maroon and Gold

University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan(UI) was founded in the year 1948.

One of the reasons students love UI is that the admission process is a whole lot straight-forward and students are accepted or rejected solely based on their performance

Myinstu made a post on why the University of Ibadan is the easiest University to gain admission for Medicine and Surgery .

Students enjoy a whole lot of facilities such as a standard library and sports facilities.

University of Ibadan students also enjoy a whole lot of financial aid and scholarship opportunities, not excluding studying abroad opportunities.

University of Ibadan

  • Acronym: UI
  • Motto: Recte sapere fons-Thinking right is the fount(of knowledge)
  • Colours: Indigo-Blue and Gold
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University of Nigeria Nsukka

The University of Nigeria Nsukka popularly known as UNN was founded in the same year Nigeria got her independence - 1960.

It is one of the most popular universities in Nigeria and attracts a whole lot of applicants on a yearly basis.

Students love UNN not only because of the beautiful and up to date infrastructures but also due to the fact that they stand chances of getting aid financially.

UNN offers a whole lot of scholarship opportunities to her students many of which is made available in the Myinstu Scholarships Page.

University of Nigeria Nsukka

  • Acronym: UNN
  • Motto:To restore the dignity of man
  • Colours:Green

Obafemi Awolowo University

Founded in 1962, The Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU) is renowned for the high number of dignitaries she has produced.

This legendary university has as well produced a lot of first class graduates.

She offers certificates such as Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, etc which are recognized globally.

Obtaining admission to study in OAU is quite competitive and as such the number of students denied admission is often higher than the number admitted.

However, most of the questions are repetitive and as such, you can easily scale through by practicing past questions here on Myinstu

Obafemi Awolowo University

  • Acronym: OAU
  • Motto:For learning and culture
  • Colours:Midnight blue and Gold

Ahmadu Bello University

The Ahmadu Bello University founded in 1962 has long produced hundreds of thousands of graduates.

ABU has over 82 departments and is a little bit less competitive to get into.

This doesn't mean that students get admitted easily though, but it means it's easier in ABU compared to aforementioned universities.

Any student that practices past questions is most likely going to scale through without much stress as most questions are repeated.

Ahmadu Bello University

  • Acronym: OAU
  • Motto:The first duty of every university is the search for and the spread of knowledge and the establishment of the nation
  • Colours:Blue and green

University of Ilorin

The University of Ilorin, fondly called UIL is one of the youngest out of the top universities in Nigeria.

It found it's way to the top through quality facilities and infrastructures.

A whole lot of students opt for the University of Ilorin because they stand a chance of being able to complete their studies abroad as transfer students.

Myinstu provides scholarship opportunities and offer on the scholarship page which you can click here to access for free.

University of Ilorin

  • Acronym: UIL
  • Motto: Probitas Doctrina(The honesty of learning)
  • Colours:Blue, Green, White, Gold


The university of Port-Harcourt popularly known as Uniport was founded in the year 1975.

Uniport is as well among the youngest universities to make it to the top of this list.

She was able to make it to the top because of the quality of students she has produced, coupled with beautiful infrastructures and a comfortable school environment.

Getting admitted into Uniport is tough but it's not impossible.

Practice for jamb with our free Jamb Past Questions Practice Tool to stand a higher chance above your counterparts.

University of Port-Harcourt

  • Acronym: Uniport
  • Motto:For enlightenment and self reliance
  • Colours:Blue and White


The Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta popularly known as FUNAAB was founded in the year 1988.

FUNAAB is the youngest out of the universities mentioned in this list.

It was able to make it to the top because it invested in talent to gain knowledge.

Getting admitted to study in FUNAAB is easier compared to other universities already mentioned.

Check out Jamb registration date and requirements for this year, before applying for Jamb.

Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta

  • Acronym: FUNAAB
  • Motto:Knowledge for development
  • Colours:Green


Federal University of Technology Akure - FUTA was founded in 1981.

About 24,000 students are currently enrolled and hundreds of thousands have been graduated.

Certificates from FUTA are well recognized globally.

Federal University of Technology Akure

  • Acronym: FUTA
  • Motto:Technology for self reliance
  • Colours:Purple and Blue


You now know the 10 universities in Nigeria. Like I said in the beginning, we came up with this list from these criteria: There are other top universities in Nigeria better than the ones here but they weren't included because it's outside the scope of our topic.

Do well to check back here for more exciting and information filled articles.

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