Easiest University For Admission To Study Medicine And Surgery in Nigeria

One of the most competitive course to gain admission especially in Nigeria, is Medicine and Surgery.

The cut off mark for this course varies across Nigerian universities but it's usually close to 300 or above it.

If you pay a visit to the medical faculty of some universities, you would see some students with low cut off mark studying this course while some that scored higher than them were denied admission.

This is caused by what is called "catchment area". Applicants who come from the state the University is located are given a higher priority than those from other states.

This means that even if someone from another state scores higher than them, they would be considered for admission over the other person.

This makes us wonder which university is the easiest for admission into medicine and surgery.

The easiest university is the university of Ibadan. This is because UI doesn't put the 'catchment area' of a thing into consideration.

They made their policy in such a way that the higher a student scores, the higher his chances of getting admitted.

This policy has spored students to action, bringing out the best in them.
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As at 2012, the cut off mark for Medicine in the University of Ibadan was 65 and by 2014, it was 80.

The figures had kept increasing over time.
Take a look:

University of Ibadan Former Cut off Mark for Medsurg :
  • 2012: 65
  • 2013: 70
  • 2014: 80
This is because students tapped into the oppportunity of being admitted solely based on their performance.

So if you are an aspiring medical student, it would really be nice of you to put the university of Ibadan as your first choice of institution.

It goes without saying though that you must be ready to put in serious efforts in order to be admitted but then, you are rest assured that your admission is solely based on your performance and not on a catchment area stuff.

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