How To Change Jamb Subject Combination

Maybe you have applied for Jamb, but unfortunately you just found that the subject combination you have in your jamb registration isn't actually what is required in your course of choice.

You don't really have to panick, though some might have told you that you can't do anything about it, you actually can.

3 Ways You Could Change Jamb Subject Combination

  • Visit a jamb center
  • Change to a course that accepts your jamb subject combination
  • The school you applied to might change your course

1. Visit a Jamb Center

If it's not been long you registered for Jamb, this is the most preferred of the three options.

Visit any Jamb accredited center - not necessarily the center that did the registration for you.

Tell them of your mistake - or would I say their mistake, as they would have given you the right subject combinations you need for your course.

You would always obtain help faster when you go through a Jamb Accredited Center, but this is usually the case if it's not been long you registered for Jamb.

2. Change to a course that accepts your jamb subject combination

If the first option of visiting a Jamb center doesn't work - maybe you were told it's been long you registered and that changes can no longer be made, you could consider switching to a course that accepts your subject combination.

For instance, if you applied for Law with the following combinations: English, Economics, Literature and Government instead of English, CRS/IRK, Literature and Government, you could swich to Internattional Relations.

I would encourage you to consider this option because it's better to secure an admission to study some other course than to miss out of the admission entirely.

Moreover, after your admission had been secured, you could still apply for a change of course to your preferred department.

3. The school you applied to might change your course

This is the least option to consider if you have a wrong subject combination.

Many a time, the school changes the course of choice of students to another course that's maybe less competitive.

I won't advise you to fold your hands and let the school make the decision for you.

At times the less competitive courses receive enormous applications as well and their might not be enough space to fix those that weren't accepted by their course of choice.

Note that: departments consider those that applied directly to them first. So, you might score higher than one of their applicants but the applicant would be taken - even though your course is related to the course in question.


You now have at your disposal, 3 different ways by which you can fix your wrong Jamb subject combination issue.

The list is given in relevance order with the one considered more relevant at the top. The others could save you too, because most students never realise that their subject combination is wrong till it's late and can no longer be changed.

Thanks a lot for going through this article. I really hope you found it useful, kindly leave a comment below and don't forget to share with your friends.

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