Score High In Post UTME: How I Got 331 - And How You Can Too


Post UTME is around the corner again. The question on every student's lip is "how can I get high post utme score".

Doing well in any exam at all requires serious efforts. Early preparations together with knowing what to read is very important.

No matter how hard you study, if it's not what you are supposed to read for that particular exam, you won't be able to scale through.

Is Post UTME Hard

No, Post UTME is not hard. You only need to know the right things and do them as at when due.

Some of the things you need to do include: Answering the questions on time, Avoid staying for long on the tough questions and Answering questions with the speed of light.

Being confident is of great importance too - believe in yourself that you can make it.

Check out how students performed in the Uniben Post UTME result, so you can confirm that you have a high probability of passing too.

How Many Questions Are Set In Post UTME

The number of questions set in Post UTME varies across various universities in Nigeria.

Generally, it's between the range of 40 to 60 questions.

As a matter of fact, we have structured our practice Post UTME Past Questions Page to contain exactly 40 questions - as this is the number of questions set by a majority of Nigerian Universities.

How Can I Get A High Post UTME Score

Follow these 7 steps listed below and you would surely score high in post UTME.

Avoid Procrastination

This is the 'oga at the top' of all the steps you should take.

Just like the popular saying goes - doing the right thing at the wrong time does not make it the right thing.

Begin now to prepare for your post UTME. Don't wait till it's three weeks to the day.

If I have 6 hours to cut down a tree, I would spend 4 sharpening the axe.

- Abraham Lincoln.

I stated this quote under the point 'Study Ahead Of Time' in my previous article on How To Pass Any Exam .

To be able to get that much time to prepare himself means that Abraham Lincoln never waited for till the last minute to begin carrying out his task.

In terms of examinations like Post UTME, avoiding procrastination could save you from the temptation of having to cram for your exam.

A lot of students have claimed that cramming had helped them scale through their exams, but as a student you should not be reading for exams alone.

There's life beyond school and you should mak good use of any opportunity you have in school to gather as much knowledge as you can.

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Know What To Read

Apart from avoiding procrastination, knowing what to read is very important while preparing for any exam.

It's good to be a 'jackophyte' - reading everything that comes your way, but once you're preparing for an exam like Post UTME, narrow down your focus on only the subjects you would be accessed on.

If you don't know the subjects you would be writing in post UTME, the subjects combination you used for Jamb should give you an idea.

Read extensively on those subjects especially their Waec approved textbooks.

Study Past Questions

This is one of the open secrets in doing well in any Nigerian exam.

While preparing for Post UTME, study as much past questions as you can.

Normally, the hard copy of past questions is between N1500 to N2500 for all subjects acoss various Nigerian Universities.

Guess what though? Myinstu made it free of charge. You can now visit the Practice Post UTME Past Questions page to access thousands of questions from any institution of your choice.

You only have to choose the subjects relevant to you and 40 questions based on those subjects from our question bank would be generated for you.

If you're not taking Post UTME, you can as well check out our practice past questions for several other exam categories such as Jamb, Waec/Neco/GCE, Junior Waec(BECE), etc.

The institutions of your choice have no new questions, they keep on recycling the old ones and you also get to see the areas from which most of their questions come from.

So, you would be miles ahead of your counterparts if you should make a good use of past questions.

Answer Questions On Time

This is also along the line of "doing the right thing at the wrong time"

As much as you can, complete your exam within the stipulated time frame.

A lot of students had received penalties they never expected because they continued writing when the invigilator said "Time's Up".

You might not have to worry about this if your exam would be in CBT - as your exam would be submitted once it's time but then it's safer to stick to time.

Getting things done is less important than getting things done on time.

- Myinstu

Even though, na for dying minute answer sheet dey full pass, you should try as much as you can to avoid that mad rush hour so as not to be unfortunate.

Be Confident

Being confident alone can help you scale through any exam and lack of it can ruin your papers.

Looking side ways in the exam hall or hoping on someone to help you out is one of the biggest signs of zero confidence

Kid: Dad, how can I be confident?

Dad: Pretend you are.

Kid: Ok Dad, when do I stop?

Dad: Never

If you can't bring yourself to believe that you can at least do well in an exam like Post UTME, it would be pretty hard for you to pass or rather, like I said in How TO Pass Any Exam, it would be better for you not to take the exam.

So, bring yourself to at least believe that you can pass the exam on your own.

Forget Jamb Result

It doesn't matter if your Jamb result was high or low, forget about it.

The Post UTME of most schools is harder than Jamb. This is not to scare you though.

Most Nigerian Universities especially the federal universities receive thousands of applications yearly.

They try to sieve out the best from these thousands of applicants through their post UTME because Jamb alone is not enough.

Doing very well in Jamb should not make you overconfident and you shouldn't let the under-confidence that comes from scoring low in Jamb make you fail Post UTME.

A lot of people that didn't do quite well in UTME, performed so well in Post Jamb and got admitted as a result.

So, just see the Post UTME like a sort of second chance to prove yourself.

Don't Rely Only On What You Are Taught

The range of questions you would meet in Post UTME is large. Never rely on what you are taught alone.

If possible, read a 'little bit' of 100 level courses from your desired department.

The majority of questions would come from your secondary school scheme but having knowledge of a little bit of your projected 100 level courses would be of a great advantage to you.

I decided to add this point because I noticed that year 1 students writing post utme for the second time usually perform better than students who just finished from secondary school.

This doesn't mean that students from secondary school don't do well in post UTME - it only means that undergraduates do better than them which might be as a result of their familiarity with the questions being set.


You now have with you the 7 key steps I took to score so high in postUTME

Follow these steps and you would surely smile by the end of your exam.

Thanks so much for reading. Do not forget to leave a comment below and to practice post UTME past questions for free. Also, feel free to share this with your friends.


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