Jamb Registration Date and Requirements

It's almost that time of the year again. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board(JAMB) is about to start their examination.

This body receives thousands of applications yearly and we have been able to make some predictions on how the exam would be this year based on how it had always been.

Before we proceed, let us address an issue.

Is Jamb Registration Starting on the 13th of January

There has been rumour circulating that Jamb is starting registration on the 13th of January, followed by exams from 14th March to 4th April.

You might have come across such news and you're now wondering if Jamb registration is really starting on the 13th.

The simple answer is "NO". Those dates were that of last year 2020. If you wish to get notified once the Jamb registration for 2021 commences, do well to check back here on Myinstu or you can join our email list using the form below.
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What We Know About 2021 Jamb Registration

Based on what has always been obtainable, we feel that the registration fee for Jamb 2021 would be N3500, novel is N500 and CBT approved centers charge N700 for registration.
  • Registration Fee: N3500
  • Novel: N500
  • CBT Centers Charge: N700
  • Total: N4700
Note that: We assumed these figures from what had been the case in previous years. Once the figures are made available this year you'll receive the update in the Jamb News section of Myinstu.

We have also assumed that National Identification Number(NIN) would be required for 2021 Jamb registration.

For a while now, it has been in the news and everywhere else that citizens should link their NIN to their SIM cards or get banned from Telecommunication services.

Due to that fact, we've assumed that Jamb might also require NIN for 2021 Jamb registration.

Do well to get your National ID card in case you don't have it already, so as not to miss out of this year's registration.

Finally, we've assumed that your exam center would have CCTV installed in some strategic places, because over the years, Jamb has required it's approved CBT centers to install CCTV cameras in their exam halls.

This is to ensure a peaceful conduct of the examination and to keep a vigilant eye on the students.

This brings our assumptions for Jamb registration 2021 to 3 total assumptions:

  1. Total fees for registration would be N4700
  2. NIN might be required
  3. There would be CCTV camera in your exam hall.
Furthermore, the exam would be a Computer Based Test as it has always been. As such, you should have a basic knowledge of the computer.

You don't have to worry though if your computer expertise is not much. My guide on how to answer Jamb CBT Question would see you through.

Note that this is not an assumption. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board(JAMB) receive millions of applications yearly and only a Computer Based Test would be easy and most efficient to collate.

Now that you know some things to expect in your Jamb this year, let's quickly address another issue.

Does JAMB have theory ?

NO, JAMB does not have any theory Part. All the questions would be in multiple choice Computer Based format.

If you don't have much knowledge of the computer or you want to be sure, check out how to answer Jamb CBT so you don't make any mistake in your exam.

Thanks a lot for going through this article, kindly share with your friends and don't forget to leave a comment below. Thank you.

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