Overcome Procrastination: 5 Top Notch Principles To Help You Break Free


Have you ever found yourself continuously leaving for later what you should do now?

I've been there a lot in the past and trust me it's no fun.

You wake up every morning despising your inability to get things done.

Don't give up on yourself yet, you're worth so much.

I'm free from it's claws now and I'm about to show you how to break free too.

Procrastination is defined as the habit of keeping for later what could be done now.

Some experts claim that procrastination can be linked to abnormal personal traits whereby a person loves to do things with immediate gain and put off tasks with long term benefits for later.

Is Procrastination A Sin In The Bible

Well, Yes. The bible specifically says that our talent is a gift from God and should not be wasted.

The book of Proverbs(12:24) states that "The hand of the diligent will rule and the lazy would be forced to hard labour."

How To Overcome Procrastination

These are the five top notch principles to break free from procrastination

Get enough sleep

Studies have shown that inadequate sleep could lead to a variety of problems such as heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc not excluding depression.

Lack of sleep kills faster than lack of food.

A sound sleep can help improve your cognitive abilities a lot.

Have you ever tried solving a mathematical problem that seemed so difficult, only to come back to it after a sound sleep and wonder why such a "simple" question took you so long?

Well, I've been there a whole lot of times.

What happened is that you have been working for so long that you now experience diminishing returns.

I explained this in details below in work smart, not hard

Pushing yourself to the extreme is good, it will bring out the best in you - but never do this at the expense of a good night rest.

Have a strict break time

Set a particular time when you get to tell yourself: "sufficient for the day".

Learn to abide strictly by this time.

Seriously, you shouldn't work for 10 hours straight because at some point you would only begin to hate what you do.

You lose interest and focus and then sit back staring blabkly at your laptop screen.

This is one of the very many times you should say:"Enough, take a break!".

If you decide on 4pm as a break time, never make it a minute longer for any reason.

Immediately it's time, just shut down your laptop or close up whatever it is you're doing at the moment.

Continuously doing this would force you into making the most use of your limited working hours.

Just try this for a little while and compare your before-and-after productivity rate.

Forgive yourself

Why? Because you really need to.

Why must you be so harsh on yourself? thinking you're a loser or that you would never get to where you wish to be?

You should really stop that.

Psychology has proven that we are affected a whole lot by how harsh we are on ourselves.

As often as you call yourself a loser, it registers in your subconscious mind and comes to your mind whenever you feel like doing something worthwhile.

When you wake up every morning, look yourself in the mirror and say "Today, I will be better than I was yesterday".

Change your mindset, change the world

With time you would notice a significant increase in your rate of "getting things done".

Perform a hard task bit by bit

Many a time, we face an enormous task that would take a lot of strength and resources to get done.

This is one of the major causes of procrastination.

Don't be overwhelmed by how hard the task looks - just take it bit by bit, one at a time.

Remember what's said about tiny drops of water? - It could make a mighy ocean.

Persistence is the key most times.

Get the simpler works done and you would have enough motivation to carry on the more challenging ones.

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Work smart, not hard

Hardwork pays - true, but the greatest of life achievers are not the most hardworking in their field.

They are simply the smartest workers. The richest African man - Aliko Dangote for instance probably cannot lift a bag of cement, but that doesn't make his workers who lift thousands on a daily basis close to him in wealth.

Trying so hard to finish a 3-day work in a few hours would only wear you out and eventually lead you back to that vicious circle of procrastination.

Smart work entails being fully aware that 4 hours daily work for 8 days is better than 14 hours daily for 3 days.

Trust me, the later would only push you back to procrastination.

Try working smart throughout this week alone and I bet you would be shocked by the significant improvement.

Remember to come back and thank me though :)


Thanks a lot for reading. Remember to share with your friends. I'd love to see your thoughts on this in the comment section too.

Bye for now and see you next time.


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