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WAEC Past Questions

Duration: 30 minutes

1. A compound with molecular formular CH2O2 is
A. carbohydrae
B. carboxylic acid
C. alkanol
D. ester
2. The compound that makes palm wine taste sour after exposure to the air for few days is
A. ethanol
B. ethanoic acid
C. methanol
D. methanoic acid
3. Which of the following compound will react with ethanoic acid to give a sweet smelling liquid
A. Alkane
B. Alkanol
C. Alkanal
D. Alkyne
4. The substance responsible for the sour taste of unripe orange is
A. Alkene
B. Alkanol
C. Alkanoic acid
D. alkanoate
5. The product of the reaction between propanoic acid and ethanol is
A. propylmethanoate
B. ethylethanoate
C. methylpropanoate
D. ethylpropanoate
6. A suitable reagent for distinguishing between ethanoic acid and ethanol is
A. Bromine water
B. Fehling's solution
C. sodium hydrogen trioxocarbonate(iv)
D. ammoniacal silver trioxonitrate
7. Which of the following is responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer
A. Chloroflurocarbon
B. Carbon(iv)oxide
C. Nitrogen
D. Oxygen
8. Which of the following pollutants is not usually recycled
A. Aluminium cans
B. Glass bottles
C. Nuclear wastes
D. Paper wastes
9. The following would contribute to environmental pollution except
A. Production of ammonia
B. Manufacture of cement
C. Photosynthesis
D. Combustion
10. Metals can be stretched into wires because they are
A. ductile
B. good conductors
C. lustrous
D. malleable
11. Which of these metals will displace hydrogen from steam
A. Copper
B. Lead
C. Magnesium
D. Silver
12. Which of the following metals exists as liquid at ordinary temperature
A. Copper
B. Gold
C. Mercury
D. Silver
13. When the trioxocarbonate(V) salt of an alkali metal Y is heated, the formula of the residue is
A. Y2
C. Y2O3
D. Y(NO2)2
14. If an element R belongs to the same group as sodium, an aqeous solution of ROH will
A. be neutral
B. be acidic
C. be coloured
D. have pH greater than 7
15. The gas given off when NH4Cl I'd heated with an alkali is
A. H2
B. Cl2
C. N2
D. NH3
16. The following alloys contain copper except
A. Magnesium
B. Duralumin
C. Bronze
D. Type metal
17. A solution of zinc Chloride should be stored in a container made of
A. Tin
B. Copper
C. Aluminium
D. Lead
18. Which of the following will displace copper from a solution of copper(II) salt?
A. Aluminium ions
B. Magnesium
C. Silver
D. Zinc ions
19. Brass is an alloy of copper and
A. iron
B. chromium
C. zinc
D. tin
20. The component of air removed when air is passed through alkaline pyrogallol solution is
A. carbon(IV)oxide
B. oxygen
C. water vapour
D. nitrogen
21. A sample of air that has been passed through caustic potash will
A. contain more oxygen than nitrogen
B. rekindle a growing splint
C. have no action on lime water
D. contain no water vapour
22. Which of these gases is lighter than air
A. HCl
B. CO2
C. SO2
D. NH3
23. Which of the following contains co-ordinate covalent bond
A. HCl
B. CH4
C. NH4
D. Na+Cl
24. In which of the following crystals are the particles held by van der Waal's forces only
A. Sodium Chloride
B. Ice
C. Diamond
D. Iodine
25. An atom of an element X has two electrons in its outermost shell. What is the formula of the compound formed when X combines with aluminium(13Al)?
A. AlX2
B. Al2X
C. Al2X2
D. Al2X3

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