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This is the best Jamb CBT Tool around.

We carefully picked out their favourite and most asked questions from each subject and presented in this Computer Based Test.

Our aim here at Myinstu is to give every student an equal opportunity of making outstanding results without examination malpractice.

This is part of why we made this Jamb Online CBT practice free of charge.

Part of our many other reasons also, is to see to it that that students won't have to break the bank to pass Jamb.

You can find some of the available subjects below.

Jamb Subjects You Can Practice

Click any of the above links to be taken to your exam area.

You can continue reading though if you would like to know how the exams are structured and see what the User Interface looks like.

Every additional subjects, questions as well as functionalities are automatically updated on this page.

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Each of the subjects contain about 25 questions which you are expected to answer under 30 minutes.

At the bottom of the questions, you would see a submit button. Once you click on it, a customized page showing your results would be displayed to you.

Your correct answers are shaded with Green by the left side as shown in the image below.
Practice Jamb CBT Past Questions Online For Free - Correct answers shaded green -
While answers which you didn't get right are shaded with red as shown here:
Practice Jamb CBT Past Questions Online For Free - Wrong answers shaded red -
In addition, you receive the correct answer for all the questions - both the right, the wrong and unattempted questions.
Practice Jamb CBT Past Questions Online For Free - All answers are given to you -
In some cases especially in mathematical related subjects, you also receive an explanation on each of the chosen correct answers.

That is the step by step solving that led us to the answer in most cases - as shown in the diagram below.

Practice Jamb CBT Past Questions Online For Free - Detailed explanation on each of the chosen answers -

You can retake any of the exams as much as you wish - which means that your access is unlimited.

We would really be glad if you can invite your friends to experience this cool and beautifully designed Jamb Computer Based Test arena.

This is the best Jamb CBT tool you can find around but we made it completely free of charge.

Why? Because students are the major beneficiaries of our very many visions and mission.

This is only a part of what you stand to enjoy as a student of Myinstu .

Again, rember that the quick to the available Jamb Subjects have been given above. Click any of them to start practicing right away.

Remember to leave a comment after each exam, Myinstu Admin is always around to reply you almost immediately :)

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Each of the exams also have a comment area which you can use to air your views under that particular exam.

So, feel free to let us know how you performed after your test and remember to share this with your friends.

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