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Practice Biology JAMB Past Questions

You can start your JAMB practice examination in Biology below.

Give it your best shot and let us know how you performed in the comment section.

JAMB Past Questions

Duration: 30 minutes

1. Viruses are considered to be living organisms because they
2. Which soil type is the most difficult to plough in a wet season?
3. Which of these has the greatest influence on the distribution of animals in marine and freshwater habitats?
4. Dead plants and animals are decomposed by bacteria and fungi into
5. Which of the following organisms have lost the pentadactyl limb structure?
6. Paternity disputes can most accurately be resolved through the use of
7. The mineral nutrient that is most bound to the soil is
8. Coldblooded animals are referred to as
9. Which of these group of animals is likely to be found in fresh water
10. If an organism obtains it's food by means of haustoria, it is said to be
11. which of the following diseases can be caused by bacterium
12. In a modern Mendelian cross of red and white varieties of the four o'clock plant, the F1 generation expresses incomplete dominance by having flowers which are
13. Lichen is an example of a
14. The following are methods of soil conservation EXCEPT
15. Which of the following relationships involve only one organism
16. Which of the following diseases can be contracted in areas with fast flowing rivers
17. A large percentage of tropical soil tend to be acidic because they:
18. Farmers practice crop rotation because
19. In an ecosystem, the LEAST efficient energy transfer link is from
20. One of the characteristics of plants in the savanna is the
21. Which of the following is a sex-linked character
22. The function of endoplasmic reticulum is
23. A farm practice that result in the loss of soil fertility is
24. Identical twins inherit their genes from
25. Samples of different soil types are packed in glass tubes whose lower ends are plugged with cotton wool. If these tubes are suspended in a trough of water, water will rise highest after a few hours in

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