Myinstu 's Privacy Policy

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Whenever you subscribe for our free newsletter, we collect information from you such as your name and E-mail address.

Also, when you visit our website, information such as your current browser, your location and IP address are collected.

We use this information to send you occassional E-mails (that is if you signed up for the newsletters), and also to personalise your experience amongst others.

We occasionally link to other websites/blogs that we find relevant. This does not in any way mean we are partners with them or that we would be responsible for any other activities on going there.

Our blog is mainly targeted at students, teachers and parents. Others might as well find it's resources useful, and anybody about the age of 9 and above can access and assimiliate it's contents.

Using resources on this blog would mean that you agree to this privacy policy. The policy might be changed at anytime and you would need to check back here to get it, as you would not be notified by any other means.

Feel free to contact us or connect with us on social media.

Thank you.